Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

ice skating

I went to Grand City Mall Surabaya when I had my stase luar together with my friends. We planned to do ice skating. There were 6 sessions during a day and we got the 5th session start from 18.15 until 19.45 (1,5 hours per session). At first I thought it would be too long for us having 1,5 hours to do ice skating. I wondered if I could stand to be there due to the cold environment (I suffer from rhinitis vasomotor, FYI). But then I have to confirm that an ice skating arena is NOT as cold as I thought.
At least for the first 30 minutes.
After passed my first 30 minutes on ice skating arena I understand why they give us 1,5 hours to enjoy it. You have to experience the failure first to understand how to enjoy sliding on the arena.
I made plan to divide the 1,5 hours into 3 parts. The first part should be the adaptation session. I have to get use to walk there without any help. The second part is to learn the technique. I observed some people who already mastered it to know how they walked and stopped. And the last part is to enjoy the arena without any failure and master it.
Truthfully, I felt superior when I (finally) mastered it on my last part. Hehe. 
And, yes, you'll walk like penguin after finishing your round on ice skating arena. LOL!

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