Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Final whistle

Kids, last night's football match really left big impression for me. It was between 2 great team in Europe, Spain vs France.

I'm sure you still remember your aunt Ika who loves football so much. One day your aunt Ika told me her most favorite life quote from her favorite sport. Here it is:

Never give up until the final whistle

And you know, kids, last night's match suited well with this quote. Literally.

Being in the same group with the exact same score made Spain and France competed really hard to win that time. Spain, as the winner of Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, and Euro 2012, of course being the one that favored. And it was clearly seen Spain dominated the game, even they scored the goal first in the first half. Casillas, Spain goalkeeper, only touched the ball once.

In the second half, France stepped up their attacks. Being left 0-1 by Spain made France tried hard to score the goal. But still the favored one proved their great defend.

It went to the injury time of second half. They had extra 3 minutes and the score still 1-0 for Spain. I was thinking of sleeping because the 3 minutes wouldn't change anything because Spain apparently still could played well though somewhat was overwhelmed with France's attack.

But, kids, something hold me not to leave my place until injury time ended. One of the France player scored the goal exactly on the last minute before the final whistle was blew. 1-1 for France.

It was the last minute, kids, and France did well to change the score from 0-1 to draw 1-1.

Of course I was disappointed because they score a draw, but how the France struggled was admirable. They didn't give up until the final whistle, like what your aunt Ika told me.

What would be happened if France lost? They would have to compete against other groups's runner-ups in order to qualify to the next step. And Spain, of course would be easier to qualify to the next step.

So, kids, here what I wanted to tell you; whatever happened to your life, never ever give up until the final whistle, just like what France did.

True story.

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